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Forgive me for being gross, but I have to tell you my favorite way to judge a Jewish-style deli. It's by how much you enjoy the post-meal burps. And the new JJ's Delicatessen at Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road rates high on the burp-o-meter!! It's been open since July in the spot once occupied by Kashman's. In my opinion, JJ's is much better. The service is lovely (a big change), the menu extensive, and the food delicious.

I ordered the signature sandwich, a "Pnish" ($8.95). It's a "square potato knish sliced in half and filled with your favorite meat, cheese and dressing, then grilled panini style". I chose corned beef, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. For my included-in-the-price side, I got cole slaw. In general I'm not a great fan of knishes, but this one did make a great (and unusual) sandwich. The corned beef was a tad dry, but with Russian dressing and cole slaw, who'd notice? The cole slaw was fabulous; I appreciated its sweetness, and Ken its sourness. We both loved the freshness. All the salads are made daily. As are the breads and bagels. Ken had a cinnamon raisin bagel, which I, of course, tried. It was more dense than most Arizona bagels, and chewy, so it reminded me somewhat of New York bagels. Ken's fruit platter was quite large, and the fruit was ripe and tasty.
All the pastry looked delicious. We took home a chocolate horn and an apricot hamantaschan. Both were shockingly good. The hamantaschan dough was melt-in-your-mouth rich, and the tart filling was a pleasant contrast. The texture of the chocolate horn was perfect, it shattered when I bit into it, yet it wasn't dry. The chocolate had a good flavor. By the way, iced coffee goes perfectly with chocolate horns, and JJ's makes theirs using a cold drip method. I had ice tea with my sandwich, and it was excellent.
We're planning to try breakfast at JJ's. There's a huge variety of options including a L.E.O.($9.95), matzo brie ($8.95), and a whitefish salad platter ($10.95). Latkes and blintzes are both available at $10.95. Not cheap, but I bet there'd be enough to share. Coffee comes in many forms: cappucino, latte, macchiato, etc. And more pastry.
As we were getting ready to leave I experienced my first JJ's burp. I got into the car with a big smile on my face."Click to edit. Insert a customer recommendation, a client thank you note, or a quote you find inspirational to your business. Show visitors you are a reliable company, and add a little personality to your website."
Rosalyn W., Scottsdale AZ

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